This program gives you the eligibility to translate your work experience in terms of academic credits. Through this program, you will receive academic documentation for the work experience you possess. There are two ways to achieve this, which are outlined below:

Credits by Exam

Global Vision University offers exams which test the student's knowledge and grasp of the subject. Through these exams, students can prove their command over the subject and upon successful completion they become eligible for a credit in that particular course.

Learning Portfolios

Another way to earn credit in a particular subject is to submit a detailed portfolio that demonstrates your understanding of the subject. The faculty of the concerned School of the University will evaluate the project and grant a grade accordingly.

Previous College Credit

Global Vision University accepts transfer credit from institutions that are:
  • Recognized by an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Earned through a University-approved corporate training course>

International Credits

Global Vision University accepts credits from international educational institutions if they are recognized as the equivalent to an accredited institution in the United States. This allows students who have already completed prior college education courses to receive credit for their effort, and encourages them to continue further studies.

Required Documents for Transfer Credit

  • Only official transcripts will be formally evaluated. Official transcripts are original academic records received directly from the issuing institution.
  • Acceptable Documents from International Institutions:

  • International transcripts in a foreign language must be translated into English by a certified translator. Both the original and translated documents must be submitted. All educational documents must have a seal or signature from the school to be considered official
  • All documents must be original or a certified copy.
  • Secondary school transcripts must be accompanied by a diploma or a certificate.
  • Result Slips are not accepted as sufficient documentation for transfer credit purposes.
  • If transcripts were evaluated by an outside agency, original transcripts must accompany the evaluation

Please Note:

Students applying to Global Vision University must submit all required academic documents beforehand as per course requirement.