GOur Mission: is to be a universally known for perfection in students learning, creative examination, and group engagement that adds to the financial imperativeness, ecological supportability, and personal satisfaction in the Portland district and past.


Global Vision University's central goal is to improve the intelligent person, social, social and financial characteristics of urban life by giving access for the duration of the life compass to a quality liberal instruction for students and a fitting exhibit of expert and graduate projects particularly applicable to metropolitan regions.
The University's examination, group which benefits a wide range of instructive environment which reflect issues imperative to the local. It effectively advances the improvement of a system of instructive foundations to serve the group.


The quest for our vision lays on our achievement in changing undergrad training, our developing exploration programs and our solid coordinated effort with the group, and the center qualities we hold. These qualities portray what PSU is presently, as well as what it will be later on:
Learning and Discovery, Access to Learning, A Climate of Mutual Respect, Openness and Reflection and Community and Civic Engagement.

Learning and Discovery

GVU values educated request in its undergrad and graduate projects, gives initiative in the improvement of learning, and makes open doors for the use of information to certifiable issues. We keep up an inviting and animating environment that is helpful for accomplishment for understudies, personnel, and staff. We esteem residency as a fundamental segment of this environment.

Access to Learning

GVU is focused on giving access and chance to learners from local, national, and worldwide groups in their quest for long lasting learning and differing instructive objectives.

An Environment of Mutual Respect

GVU values assorted qualities and cultivates an atmosphere of shared admiration and reflection that backings distinctive convictions and perspectives and the open trade of thoughts.

Openness and Reflection

GVU attempts to enhance ceaselessly as a college through reflection and open appraisal of our exercises.

Group and Civic Engagement

GVU qualities its way of life to drew in college that advances a complementary relationship between the group and the University in which information serves the city and the city adds to the learning of the University. We esteem our associations with different organizations, expert gatherings, the business group, and group associations, and the gifts and aptitude these organizations bring to the University.
We hold onto our part as a dependable native of the city, the state, the district, and the worldwide group and foster activities, projects, and grant that will prompt a supportable future.

Rise to Opportunity Statement

Global Vision University backings approach opportunity in affirmations, instruction, livelihood, lodging, and utilization of offices by precluding separation in those ranges taking into account age, shading, incapacity, conjugal status, national beginning, race, religion or ideology, sex or sexual orientation, sex character or sex articulation, sexual introduction, veteran status, or some other premise in law. This arrangement executes state and government laws.